Hi, I'm Amanda, and I'm a Mormon missionary!

Monday, February 10, 2014

When you go to America, they ask to see your passport...

But when you go to Del Mar, they ask to see your paycheck. HELLOOOO from the richest part of the country! Highest property values in the country and highest tithing donations in the world! And all people eat is salad! Which is great! I like salad! We are also in a car share, which means we have a car 3 days of the week. So that means that we walk 10 miles per day at least! YAY FOR WEIGHT LOSS! The average weight gain in my last area is 10 pounds for sisters PER TRANSFER and 20 for elders. I only gained 2 in the 3 transfers I was there! YAY FOR PORTION CONTROL! Anyway, this new area is great. There are real stores, which is something I haven't seen in 5 months. Last night my district leader called and asked what we were doing on p-day, and I said we were going to Target. Then he asked what we wanted to do for district activity, and I said we should all go to Target. My companion had to tell him it's because I was in Fallbrook for so long that I'm going crazy about there being a Target. And there is a Trader Joe's, and a Walmart (ew), and EVERYTHING. There is even Chinese food here! I HAD REAL SUSHI! It is SO GOOD!
Better yet, people are actually NICE here! Rather than yelling at us, they just ignore us! Or they tell us (politely) that they aren't interested. Isn't that great!?
We have a baptism next week. She's 14 and she is getting baptized with her best friend and her best friend's sister. She and her best friend remind me of Meghan and I! I get to translate for it because it will be half Spanish and half English! YAY! Oh, and I'm in an English speaking ward, but there are a lot of Spanish contacts. Plus, the mom of the girl who is getting baptized doesn't speak English but we gave her a Book of Mormon to read and told her how it has blessed our lives and now she is excited to read!
 We are also teaching 2 professional body builders (it's crazy. They are like pure muscle. The man has 3% body fat and his girlfriend has like 12%... it is scary). They are getting married on Feb 28th and married on March 1st. We are looking forward to next week, when we are going to go to the temple grounds (like 20 minutes away) and teach the Plan of Salvation and how they can be together forever! HOW GREAT! It is going to be emotional to the max, especially because it is the San Diego temple and that is a very special temple for me!
Anyway, I am very excited for this area! My companion thinks I am TOO enthusiastic. Her goal before was to talk to 10 people per day, and I said that that was lame and we could talk to at least 17 and she thought I was crazy. We have met that goal and exceeded it every day since I have been here. One day we talked to 26 people. All of their goals for this week were exceeded, actually. Guess why? ENTHUSIASM! I just love being a missionary and I just love everyone here and I am excited to be here! YAY!
In addition, Superbowl Sunday is a difficult day for missionaries. Everyone we talked to was either drunk or about to go get drunk.
Also, I ran away from fireworks because I thought they were gunshots. AWKWARD!
Well, that's pretty much it. I hope you all have an awesome day today and upcoming week! I LOVE YOU ALL!
<3sister berg :)