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Monday, June 17, 2013

Modest IS Hottest! Science proves it :p


This girl's talk is amazing! She's not LDS, but she brings up some amazing points. In young women's, we learn to dress modestly so that we don't give boys inappropriate thoughts or feelings. Well, that's all well and good, and I agree, but I remember before I was LDS my goal through dressing immodestly was to show that I had "power" over men, not just to "look nice." That is why many girls do choose to dress immodestly, but that is not mentioned in church often and I'm not quite sure why. This girl brings up some scientific evidence showing what that "power" actually is.

A study was done at Princeton University about what sections of the brain are activated and deactivated when men are shown pictures of inappropriately dressed women. When shown pictures of women in bikinis, the part of the brain associated with connecting with others' emotions and intentions actually shuts off, and the part that is associated with tool use is activated. Yes, tools like screwdrivers and hammers. Therefore, the power you are exhibiting over men is the power to literally be seen as an object. When you dress immodestly, their brains literally say "oh nice, a power tool." Scientifically, you are seen as less of a human being. These studies prove that when dressed immodestly, women are inviting men to see them as objects. Now I ask, is that really power? No.
A separate study shows that when men look at pictures of women dressed immodestly, they will use more first person verbs. When women are dressed modestly, men tend to use more third person verbs. Therefore, when you are dressed modestly, men will start to think more about you than themselves. When you are dressed immodestly, they will be selfish and care more about their own appetite and passions, rather than your feelings.

Power is found through a true emotional connection with someone, not through objectification. YOU ARE NOT AN OBJECT. Modest really is hottest! You can find joy through respecting yourself and recognizing that you are a daughter of God! You are a princess, preparing to be a queen! :)

here's the study :) http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2009/02/090216-bikinis-women-men-objects.html

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