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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Amanda's Mission!!

As you all know Amanda is on her mission in Carlsbad.  She has asked me Brandi Blanchette AKA her Stends to keep everyone posted on both facebook and on here.  She recently sent me a letter that she wrote the day before she left the MTC and said that she is excited.  She was travel leader to get all 21 missionaries including herself to San Diego.  She was very excited to get to go.  Amanda wrote to me how she embarrassed Jenny in the cafeteria at the MTC by saying, and I quote, "HEY EVERYONE!  HAVE YOU MET JENNY?! YOU SHOULD!"  Then apparently you can't high five there and that's Amanda's thing!  She LOVES to high five.  It makes my day getting a letter from her and it makes me ecstatic just to get one!  So peace!!
A Picture that Amanda sent me!  I love this picture its amazing!  She should so be a photographer!  Right?!

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